Get fitted with a Friendly Experience

We are committed to providing a comfortable and friendly experience to our valued customers. As our first meeting time duration is around an hour, we strive to ensure your complete satisfaction. Our showroom is designed to serve the same purpose. We provide you a comfortable couch in front of fireplace and a fitting room with absolute privacy. This is where you will spend most of the time as we mentor you through the fabric selection process and observe your preferences for your new outfit.

Consulting and Advising

Not all of our valued customers have a sound knowledge of men’s fashion or know about the trends and we appreciate it. That’s why we are at service. Our professionals pay due attention to your queries and guide you on fashion trends through their expertise. We also provide you the fine details including the selection of right number of buttons, pocket size, color, patterns, fabric, and more.
As you step into our store, we will inquire about your routine tasks, work environment, lifestyle, and importantly we will be asking about your existing wardrobe. This will give us an insight into your personality and needs. We will then proceed to guide you with your needs and requirements and disregard any purchasing that won’t prove helpful or matches your former outfit styles.


Explore our large collection of stylish, branded and non-branded fabrics from around the world. Select from a variety of clors, patterns and designs. Discuss your with our expert tailor master to help you get the best outfit.